Hand in Hand Helping Puerto Rico

Hand in Hand Helping Puerto Rico

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Social media is saving lives in Puerto Rico. Contrary to what people may think, Puerto Ricans are giving those who lost everything a helping hand.

Vally Fernandez, the owner of One Asia Global has taken the initiative to help thousands of people in Puerto Rico. A few days after the impact of Hurricane Maria, she posted on Facebook asking for help in feeding 150 patients from the University of Puerto Rico hospital, Carolina campus. Lulu Puras, the owner of XIXI Casa, saw the post and contacted Pancho Cueto, Cristina Cueto, Luis Cueto and Xiomara Cueto from Pelayo restaurant, who despite the damages suffered in their facilities, managed to prepare the necessary food that same day. This marked the beginning of Vally’s GoFundMe Campaign and the foundation of Hand in Hand Helping Puerto Rico.

The following days, chefs Enrique Piñeiro, along with a group of volunteers of all ages joined the initiative. Together they have worked nonstop to feed 4,000 people daily in hospitals, nursing homes and cities where the necessary help has not yet arrived.

The job is arduous and our volunteers need all the help they can get with covering transportation and kitchen costs. Hand in Hand Helping Puerto Rico is asking people from all over the world to donate any amount within their budget to continue our efforts of feeding those who desperately it. We are confident that, hand in hand, Puerto Rico will rise. If you wish to support us in our cause, please visit our Facebook page Mano a Mano Puerto Rico se Levanta.

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